Winners of the 2022

film competition

The film competition winners of the 3rd Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival CMIFF 2022 have been announced! The award ceremony occurred at the premises of the Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theater “BAVKA”.

🏆 Lizzie McKenzie’s movie “The Hermit of Traig” (Great Britain, 2021) won the jury prize for the best film in the documentary feature competition at the festival

🏆The prize for the best documentary short of the festival went to the movie “The Past the Future the Mountain”, directed by Mariia Lukyanchuk (Ukraine, 2021)

🏆The jury’s special award went to “Plai”, directed by Eva Dzhishyashvili (Ukraine, 2021)

and “BERG” by Joke Oltaar (Netherlands, Slovenia, 2021)

🏆Серце глядачів кінофесту цього року здобув документальний фільм «Вільна людина. Проща» (Україна, 2022) режисера Сергія Дмитренка

The audience voted for the movie during the film festival.

Jury members:
Alex Malyshenko
A film journalist, programmer and SMM manager who co-organized the “Mykolaychuk OPEN” film festival in Chernivtsi and the “Taktychna Pauza” Ukrainian cinema festival in Mykolayiv. Before that, he coordinated Docudays UA for two successive years and contributed to, Moviegram, L’Officiel Hommes, etc. and participated in the production of “Rhinoceros”, “Stop-Earth”, “Diary of Christ’s Bride”, etc.
Andriy Lytvynenko
a degree-holder in film directing, having authored the idea of “Outside Euro” in 2012, one of the first documentary anthologies about the European Championship in Ukraine. He was among the Ukrainian producers of the 2016 documentary “The Process. Ukraine versus Oleg Sentsov”, created multiple short documentaries and contributed to educational programmes for documentarians.
Nadiia Parfan
A Ukrainian film director, producer, and curator of cultural projects that co-founded the “86” International Film and Urbanism Festival in Slavutych, Tacflix online cinema, and producer of the “7+7” festival, directed “Ivano-Frankivsk’s Teplokommunenergo Sings” and “Women Playing Games” (2021), directed and was a screenwriter of the mini-series “Zanovo” (2021).
Oleksiy Gladushevskyi
The general producer of the 2022 “Mykolaichuk OPEN” in Chernivtsi (the first offline film festival of premier Ukrainian movies) with more than 15 years of experience creating television and film content. Appointed director general of the tv channel Novyj Kanal in 2019, he led numerous popular documentary and entertainment TV projects. He co-founded the “Real Pictures” film company In 2019 and created and produced short and full-length documentaries and feature films.

Congratulations to the winners of the 3rd 2022 CMIFF film competition!
We are grateful to all the competition participants, the jury and the audience of the film festival – everyone who created the unique atmosphere of the CMIFF 2022 film festival.
We are particularly grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to hold the film festival and support Ukraine!

Gratitude to “BF Sertse do Sertsya Zakarpattiia” for the opportunity to support your mission. The 2022 CMIFF attendees enabled us to collect 14,421 hryvnias, 20 dollars and 20 euros in donations to purchase first-aid kits and medicines for military personnel.

The 2022 Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival (CMIFF) will take place due to the financial support of Goethe-Institut Ukraine in providing transportation and accommodation for guests of the film festival.
Our credits for the promotion and comprehensive support of the film festival go to Transcarpathian Regional State Administration, Transcarpathian Regional Council, Frankfurt Zoological Society, Austrian Center, English Philology Department of UzhNU, Olivye House, Gift Ideas, Gorgany, Komitat, Eat Me Cafe & Riverside, PettersonApps, Jizh Dvizh, Advertising and production company, Kochut,, Povna Banka.

The Transcarpathian Film Commission is the organizer of the film festival
Transcarpathian Academic Regional Puppet Theater “BAVKA” is the co-organizer of the film festival
Thanks to ZAHOLOVOK.COM.UA, Varosh,, Karpaty INFO, Eden radio, Tyktor media, LLC “Editorial of the newspaper “Novyny Zakarpattia” for the information support.
Credits to Robert Dovganych for the photos!
We thank you! 🖤 CMIFF 2022 – YOUR PLACE OF STRENGTH

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