Winners of the 2020

film competition

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116 works from 45 countries and 9 winners, who were recognized as the best according to the results of the CMIFF film competition!

Ukraine, Slovenia, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Australia, Iran, Poland, Great Britain – our applause, congratulations to the winners !!!

🎉 For belief in goodness and justice, the best feature film – “Only Miracle” (2019), directed by Olena Karetnyk, Ukraine.

🎉 For his contribution to the preservation of the culture of small nationalities and unsurpassed cinematography, the best full-length documentary – “The Last Ice Hunters” (2017), directed by Breceljnik Jure, Rozle Bregar, Slovenia.

🎉 Unsurpassed storytelling, best feature short film – “Elephantbird” (2020), directed by Masoud Soheili, Afghanistan.

🎉For a special look at culture, sports and the philosophy of travel, the best documentary short film – “The KFC” (2020), directed by Richard Sidey, New Zealand.

🎉For the unsurpassed atmosphere of wildlife, the best animated short film – “The Winter” (2019), directed by Xin Li, Australia.

🎉For exciting editing and shooting angles, the best promo video is “Sistan & Balouchesta” (2020), directed by Meysam Babaei, Iran.

🎉Special jury award:

For extraordinary storytelling and a special look, “Documentary Movie” (2019), directed by Katarzyna Warzecha, Piotr Pawlus, Poland.

🎉For courage, adventurous spirit and desire to win over oneself, “Running The Roof” (2020), directed by Alexis Tymon and Ben Crocker, Great Britain.

🎉 Audience Award:

The Coffin (2019), directed by Kadim Tarasov, Ukraine.

We thank our jury: Rimma Zubina, Antonio Lukic, Oleksandr Maurits, Andriy Suyarko and Serhiy Trimbach for an objective assessment and determination of the winners.

Thank you to all participants of the film competition!

Your works are unique, they impress, inspire and give you the opportunity to think about important issues!

We wish you success in reaching new film heights!

Carpathian Mountain

International Film Festival 2020