05.10.2021, TUESDAY

15:00 Press conference (Uzhhorod City Council)
18:00 Opening of the Film Festival. (Puppet Theater)
18:30 Presentation. Uzhanska Valley and the prospects of the region for cinema. Lyudmila Suzeva, project manager and mountain guide, guide Konstantin Balabanov. Uzhhorod. (Puppet Theater)
20:00 Competition program: documentary feature film opening. May far – as Far  as  Possible (Ukraine, 2020). Discussion of the film with the team: director Anna Yarosheva and the film’s hero Michelle Jacobi. (Puppet Theater)


06.10.2021, WEDNESDAY

18:00 Workshop Lecture. Animation in the cinema. Svitlana Magda, animation film director, teacher and preacher of animation art, Kharkiv. (Smart Point)
20:00 Competition program: documentary feature film. Passages by FlorencePelletier, Caroline Cote (Canada, 2020)  (Puppet Theatre)
21:30 Documentary feature:  Everest  –  The  Hard  Way. Director Pavol Barabas (Slovakia, 2020)  (Puppet Theater)


07.10.2021, THURSDAY

18:00 Lecture. Who is the producer in the movie. Valeriia Sochyvets, producer of SUK (Modern Ukrainian Cinema), Kyiv.
(Smart Point)
20:00 Competition program:  documentary, game, animated short films and promotional videos. (Puppet Theater) Directed by Julien Rosers and Yannick Bacher (Switzerland, 2020) (Puppet Theater)

08.10.2021, FRIDAY

18:00 Master class. Features of photography in the mountains. Oleksiy Marusyk, photographer of outdoor activities and extreme sports, Lviv.
20:00 Competition program: documentary feature film: Freedom under Load (Director Pavol Barabas (Slovakia, 2016)  (Puppet Theater)
21:00 Competition program: documentary feature film: La Vallée de l’Illiez. Directed by Julien Rosers and Yannick Bacher (Switzerland, 2020) (Puppet Theater)


09.10.2021, SATURDAY

14:00 Lecture. Documentary film from A to Z. Gennady Kofman, Ukrainian director, producer and collaborator of the international documentary film festival on human rights Docudays UA.

15:00 Lecture. Actual threats to ecology and tourism in the region. Oleg Luksha, co-chairman of the coalition association of NGOs “Forum for Ecological Salvation of Transcarpathia”.

16:00 Lecture. To be inspired by the forests: preservation of the oldest Carpathian forests Anna Kuzio,  public relations  specialist,  Frankfurt Zoological Comrade, m. Lviv.  (Smart Point)
18:00 “Skalka, achievements and experiments” – a selection of short films of the film school. (Puppet Theater)
19:00 Competition program: documentaryshort film “Voiceless”.  (Puppet Theater)
20:00 Competition program: documentary feature film:  Wolves   at  the  Borders (Czech Republic, 2020)Director Martin Pav.  (Puppet Theater)
21:00 Party  “KINODVIZH  (Olivye  House)


10.10.2021, SUNDAY

11:00 “Black Market” – a flea market
of second-time tourist things and not only. (YIZH DVIZH)
12:00 Panel discussion  “Transcarpathia. Will there be a movie?” (Uzhhorod City Council)
14:00 Lecture. How to create a successful documentary. Directed by Martin Pav, Czech Republic. (Smart Point)
16:00 Non-competition program: documentary film ” Tsymbalist Petro “, directed by Elizabeth Smith (Ukraine, 2017) (Puppet Theater)
17:30 Non-competition program: Obserwatorium. Director Wieslaw Romanowski (Ukraine, Poland, 2018). (Puppet Theater)
19:00 Classical music concert (Puppet Theater)
19:30 Closing of the film festival and announcement of the winners. (Puppet Theater)
20:00 Closing film  “Peak of Fear”, directed by Stanislav Kapralov (Ukraine, USA, Spain, 2020) (Puppet Theater)

Carpathian Mountain

International Film Festival 2020