Regulation of the 4st Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival.
Revision from 10/16/2022

1. General provisions
The Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Film Festival) was created to inspire mountain lovers, to support mountain films and video content from around the world, and to strengthen and enrich relationships within the national and international filmmaking community. The film festival will take place from September 7 to 10, 2023 in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. Separate events and screenings will also take place in other cities of Ukraine.

2. Founders of the festival and support
The founder and organizer of the Film Festival is the Transcarpathian Film Commission NGO (hereinafter – the Organizer), a legal entity registered and operating under Ukrainian legislation.
The festival is supported by the following public bodies:
– Ukrainian State Film Agency
– Transcarpathian Regional Council
– Transcarpathian Regional State Administration
– Uzhgorod City Council

3. Film Festival Programs and Movie Requirements

Official Film Festival Program:

1. MAIN COMPETITION (60 mins or longer)
2. DOCUMENTARY PROGRAMME (40 mins and longer)
3. SHORT FILM PROGRAMME (3 mins to 20 mins)
4. SHORT DOCUMENTARY PROGRAMME (3 mins to 20 mins)
5. ANIMATED SHORTS PROGRAMME (3 mins to 20 mins)
6. PROMO VIDEO PROGRAMME (1 min to 5 mins)

All films should be filmed in mountains or be based on mountain themes.

Only films completed after January 1, 2022 are eligible.

All films should be submitted in a digital format (Full HD-DCP / MP4 / MOV).

Every film screener submitted whose language is not Ukrainian must have subtitles in either English or Ukrainian. If your movie is selected for one of the official programs of the Film Festival, you will need to provide subtitles or a dialogue list in either Ukrainian or English, regardless of the original language of the movie.

Selected films will be shown in Uzhgorod during the Film Festival no more than 3 times. A selection of films will be included in a separate program which will visit a maximum of three other cities where the film festival and film distribution infrastructure is not yet developed.
Winners of the Film Festival are automatically included in this program.

Submission of your film to the film festival is paid. Payment must be made online at the time of submission through the FilmFreeWay service. Fees for film submissions are non-refundable. While filling in the application, applicants can choose the nomination / contest for which they wish to submit their film.

Announcements of official selection of films will take place on 01/08/2023

Submissions to the Film Festival are accepted from any legal entities or individuals over the age of 18, without restrictions on citizenship and place of residence. Submissions must be made by individuals who control the necessary intellectual property rights to apply for and grant permission to the Organizer to use such work in the framework of the Film Festival.

Submitting your application means that you agree to the Film Festival Regulations and automatically confers to the Film Festival the right to use the materials you provide for non-commercial purposes.

All participants will be notified by e-mail confirming the results of the selection.

The schedule of films and other events is prepared and approved by the Film Festival Directorate.

4. Prizes of the Film Festival
“Best Feature Film”;
“Best Short Film”;
“Best Documentary”;
“Best Short Documentary”;
“Best Animated Movie”;
“Best Promotional Video”,
“Audience Award”.

The members of the jury also have the right to give 2 or more “Special Jury Awards”.

The prize fund is accumulated by the Film Festival Directorate at the expense of sponsorship contributions.

The winners are determined by the decision of the Jury for each respective program. Movies or members can also be rewarded by the public or and by sponsors.

The competition in each category is held in the presence of at least three selected films. If there are not enough films in the category for the competition, the selected films are shown as part of an out-of-competition program.

5. The jury
Competition films are evaluated by a jury, which may consist of personnel from the film or television industry including, and not limited to, film critics, film journalists as well as cultural scientists, philologists, art critics, or prominent public, state, and political figures.

Persons involved in the creation, production, or distribution of any competition film may not be involved in the jury.

The staff of the Jury is formed by the Directorate of the Film Festival.

6. Additional programs
Special screening program for international films set in a mountain setting or featuring mountain themes.
An educational program consisting of a series of panel discussions, workshops and creative meetings with experts in the world of film industry: renowned actors, directors, screenwriters, film experts and producers.
The Mountain Tourism Program consisting of a series of panel discussions, workshops and meetings with mountain tourism experts and representatives of extreme sports.
A Photo competition on mountain subjects.
An entertainment program including themed parties and other events.

7. Final Provisions
Any disputes arising from these Regulations shall be settled by conscientious and constructive negotiations between all parties.

The Organizer may take separate decisions on issues not regulated by these Regulations but shall be subject to additional notification.

The provisions of these Regulations may be supplemented and / or amended at any time with further publication on the official website of the Film Festival. The organizer will make advance announcements about such changes whenever possible.

Contact information for the Organizer:

Carpathian Mountain

International Film Festival 2020